Zutler Realty & Special Services, Inc.
A Buyer's Agency Representimg YOU The Buyer...

A Buyer's Agent works under contract for You the Buyer, with the sole purpose of helping You to locate, and purchase the home, or property of your choice.

100% loyalty and dedication to the Buyer.
Professional negotiation of the best possible terms for the Buyer.
Buyer representation on any property listed or unlisted.
Protection of the Buyer's identity, if requested.
Confidentiality of the Buyer's personal and financial information.
Disclosure of all discovered aspects of the property, including fair market value, previous sales prices, and special circumstances of the seller.
No additional costs for services.


Is engaged as a limited agent and works solely on behalf of the buyer and owes duties to the buyer which include the utmost good faith, loyalty and fidelity.
Will negotiate on behalf of and act as an advocate for the buyer.
Must disclose to potential sellers all adverse material facts concerning the buyer's financial ability to perform the terms of the transaction and whether the buyer intends to occupy the property.

The Buyer is legally responsible for the actions of the agent when such agent is acting within the scope of the agency. A separate written buyer agency agreement is required which sets forth the duties and obligations of the parties. Click here for our client information form.




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